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Photo by David Bergman

Intervision [n] {in•ter•vizh•in}

1. Funky, nasty soul
2. Beautiful and heart-wrenching melodic pop
3. Pure and unadulterated sexiness
4. State of nirvana

2010 dawns the advent of Intervision. What is Intervision? It’s the
collective efforts of musicians devoted to the art of sonic quality,
blending the diversity of their histories with the unified direction of
their artistic endeavors. It believes that coalescing fine ingredients
with a refined recipe can deliver an exceptional musicality. Featuring a
cast of professional players, Intervision draws upon the strengths of its
members to create a soulful, groovy playlist of pop music for adults.

Intervision’s 2010 self-titled release introduces the audience to the
concept of Intervision in its purist form. Combining elements of soul,
jazz, and funk within the construct of adult-flavored pop, Intervision
reminds listeners of a time when a record had a character, when the
listener wasn’t asked to choose between a cool groove and an introspective
lyric, when playing ones’ instrument well was not only revered, but a
natural component of the music scene.

They began at a college, and as they continued to develop their skills and
expand their education, they wrote and gigged. They opened for some great
bands, and they played some great rooms. They recorded a couple albums,
sold a bunch of them, got some airplay and then began to open for better
bands and play better rooms. iV has opened for Lifehouse, the Neville
Brothers, Ghostland Observatory, Garage Mahal, among others. Recent winner
of Best R&B category of the Independent Music Awards and finalist in the
John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Intervision has polished and developed
their sound into a musical samurai, seeking only the reclamation of honor
to the popular music genre. Intervision is taking back pop, and they
welcome all who wish to join their campaign.

Is Intervision for you? If you are weary of lyrical lamentations of a
broken heart, if you reminisce of the days when a record told a
compositional story, if you like music to move you in your seat, and then,
perhaps, move you right out of your seat, then prepare yourself for what
you’ve been waiting for…this is Intervision.